Why do babies need tummy time?

All babies NEED tummy time to build upper body strength and develop vital motor skills.

Physical Development

The early months in a baby’s life are vital for development.

Babies who are not exposed to physical, social and emotional stimulation will not progress as fully as those who are. It is widely documented that without tummy time, some babies will experience delayed motor skills.

Tummy time helps develop and strengthen babies’ neck, shoulder and upper arm muscles. Tummy time is also known to help prevent positional plagiocephaly (flat head) which often results from too much time on the back, with the head against hard surfaces like the floor or car seats.

Sensory Development

Tummy time in babies’ first months helps with ‘midline crossing’: the ability to use the right hand in the left body space, and the left hand in the right body space. This crossing affects how children cope with reading and writing, holding and catching, in their early school years.

Motor Skills

There is extensive evidence showing that many babies who have no tummy time have delayed motor responses. In the early months, tummy time helps babies gain control over their movements, lifting their heads and looking around, stretching and kicking their legs.

Emotional & Social Development

Babies who feel loved, safe and secure grow into happy children and adults. Tummy With Mummy® helps babies and parents get to know each other through easy eye contact. Babies love when parents and carers talk and play with them. They love to listen to songs and stories. This interaction is vital for their social and emotional development.

Many parents are unhappy about putting their babies on their fronts, even when their babies are awake. That has resulted in an alarming increase in delayed motor skills. When babies spend too much time on their backs, in car seats, lying in cots or on floor mats and not enough time on their tummies, they are much more likely to have flat heads. Physiotherapists recommend that mothers introduce “tummy time” from birth, two or three times a day for a few minutes or longer, so they get used to lying on a different position. But many parents give up on tummy time because the baby is distressed face-down on the floor.

On Tummy With Mummy®’s gentle slope the baby:

– is fully supported
– has excellent eye contact with mummy and daddy
– can easily look around, listen and play games
– feels really secure, with a less scary view of the world
– can lift his head easily, and build strong neck and upper body muscles
– will not pick up germs or pet hairs from the floor surface.
– Tummy With Mummy® is for babies and toddlers when they are awake.

It is also a baby & toddler seat suitable for children up to age 3.

– In the tummy position, the baby grows stronger, happier and more secure
– The seat helps babies and children up to age 3 enjoy story time, little snacks and play games
– It can be used for baby massage sessions, and for relaxing after tummy time

Tummy With Mummy® has passed all safety standard testing. This is a product on which tiny and older babies – and now toddlers as well – will spend time. Safety has been of prime importance.

All surfaces are wipe-clean and the removable mats can be machine washed.

Our research showed that space is an important issue. Our foldaway compact Tummy With Mummy®:

– is easily stored
– is lightweight for carrying on trips or visits to friends
– easily pops in the back of the car
– allows parents or carers to do tummy time exercise anywhere