A little about us…

When my own children were small, tummy time was very popular. But things changed in the early 1990s. Many parents stopped putting babies on their tummies during their waking hours, and babies started to spend too much time on their backs, often with heads against hard surfaces like car seats.

The result? A marked increase in flat heads and delayed motor skills.

As a journalist writing about health issues, I realised that something had to be done to encourage tummy time again. As a mother of five children, with a lifetime of hands-on experience, I wanted to help parents and babies find a way to enjoy tummy time. So I invented Tummy With Mummy®.

It took three years to get Tummy With Mummy® just right. We added a seat to make it more versatile. We made it foldable, storable and portable, and parents love it!

Tummy With Mummy® has become a ‘family business’, and my children have become as passionate as me about re-introducing parents and babies to tummy time. And who could be better?

After all, they were tummy time babies themselves.